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Rotary Limit Switch

Rotary Limit Switch

We offer superlative programmable rotary limit switch that is utilized in power and control circuit of the reversing drives, in order to restrict their rotation range. Having a gear ratio of 48:1, this rotary limit switch is used in the form of winches rolling mill and hoists. We are acknowledged as the principal geared rotary limit switches supplier from India as we provide our switches at the nominal prices.

"Suni Cranes Controls" Rotary Limit Switches are used on control and power circuit of reversing drives so as to limit their rotation range. Limit switch is used such as hoists, winches rolling mill and having gear ratio 48:1. The limit switch rated currently continously for 40 Amp. At 415 V.A.C. 50 Hz. In case of 2 way shunt limit switches 2 contracts are generally used and 2 way series limit switches 4 contacts are generally used. When used for series operation contacts suitable for maximum permissible frequency of operation is 720 per hour and for shunt operation will be 1000 per hour.

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    Desc : RLS- Side View

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    Desc : RLS - Top View

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