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Electro Hydraulic Thruster

Suni Brand Electro Hydraulic Thrustor / Thruster that is a sturdy Electro Hydraulic device for exerting a smooth controlled upward Thrust on any device with rated capacity from the beginning to the end of the full rated stroke. We are well reckoned as the most preeminent Hydraulic Thrustor/Thruster Manufacturer based in India.

Our Crane Electro-Hydraulic Thrustor / Thruster is provided with Clevis-Lug mounting, allowing them to be mounted up to ten degrees either way from the vertical.

All the Rubber surfaces are immersed in Oil, there by requiring very less maintenance.

One outstanding feature of Suni Brand Thrustor, Thruster is that any Mechanical Overloading cannot cause Overloading of the Electric Motor.

If the Load is greater than what the Thrustor Thruster can lift, the Piston will remain at the bottom of the Cylinder and the impeller will rotate harmlessly in Oil.

In the absence of Load the Piston stops at the end of the stroke and the Impeller rotates in the Oil as mentioned above.

Basically Suni� Brand Electro Hydraulic Thrustor Thruster comprises of a Centrifugal Pump Impeller spinning in Oil there by developing a pressure head. Since there is no outlet, delivery port as in case of a Pump, the pressure developed is impressed on the Piston which is directly coupled to the Load to be lifted. Thus a part of the pressure head is expanded in forming a kinetic head required to lift the Load.

At the end of the Lift, either partial or full i e., when the Thrustor,Thruster stalls, it is the full pressure head which is available. Thus the maximum thrust in the stalled position is always higher than the rated thrust.

The Centrifugal Pump Impeller is driven by an Electric Motor the capacity of which depends upon the capacity of the Thrustor,Thruster .For example in case of a 18 kg Thrustor,Thruster the Motor is of 0.1 HP and in case of 34 kg it is 0.17 HP.

The major components of the Suni Brand Electro Hydraulic Thrustor,Thruster are, a Cast Iron cylinder filled with Transformer Oil, with a Aluminum Piston moving freely in it and a Drive Shaft down the center, through the Piston , to the cylinder.

The Impeller draws Oil from above the Piston forcing the Oil beneath the Piston to give it an upward movement in the cylinder with pressure. The pressure is maintained whether the Piston is in motion or has come to a halt at the end of the intermediate position of the upward stroke.

During transportation the Oil is drained out from the Thrustor hence at the time of commissioning the system required quantity of Oil needs to be filled up in the Thrustor. It is advisable to use only fresh Grade transformer Oil.

The quantity of Transformer Oil required to be filled up in the Thrustor,Thruster depends upon the capacity of the Thrustor. Recommended grade of Transformer Oil is BS 148 or equivalent.

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We are manufacturer and supplier of Electro Hydraulic Thruster in maharashtra, India

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