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Flameproof Thrustor Brake

"Suni" Brand FLP/WP Thrustor BrakeTesting As per IS/IEC 60079-1:2014 , IS/IEC 60079-0:2011 & Dust ignition protection as per IS/IEC 60079-31:2008 & Weatherprrof Testing as perIS/IEC 60529:2001 for IP 66 ,Used in Zone 21-22 also Zone 1 - 2 for gas goup-IIA,IIB & IIC atmospheres

"Suni" Brand Flameproof (FLP/WP) thrustor/Thruster is electro hydraulic device to apply pressure or actuate lever mechanism of brake arrangement.

An FLP/WP Electro-hydraulic thrustor is an independent mechanism which requires neither clutches nor external piping. The FLP/WP thrustor cylinder accommodates a centrifugal pump and a piston with two push-rods extending outside through thrustor cover and transmitting effort to the brake

The robust design Thrustor unit is compact and has long life and is easy to maintain.

Main components used are of high quality cast iron and steel.

The Thrustor is operated by an integral three phase squirrel cage motor.

The device has the following advantages:

1. Constant Pressure

2. Gentle Application and release of brake without jerks and shocks.

3. Larger number of switching-in operations per hour (up to 720).

The rated stroke of each type of thrustor can be changed, retaining the same attractive force, by means of sleeves fitted on the rods (inside the body) (this arrangement is possible with models from ST 535 and above)

In cranes / hoisting machinery, brakes are intended for controlling the speed of load, lowering or for holding the suspended load at rest Suni Brand Flameproof (FLP/WP) Mill duty Thrustor/Thruster Brakes are suitable for 415/440 Volts, 3 Phase A.C. supply for a wide range of drum sizes, from 100mm to 400 mm dia. Higher sizes can also be supplied against specific requirements.

The brake is applied by the tension of the compressed springs mounted vertically between the thrustor and brake lever. The thrustor rods are connected with the brake by means

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