Universal master Controller
Universal master Controller
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Master Controller

We are well reckoned as the most preeminent Master Controller Manufacturer and one of the leading Suppliers of the same. Suni Master / Cam controllers are made in IP 54 enclosures. the cover is of cast Aluminum. Also the base and cover of Crane Master Controller have machined surface to protect the controller against dust.

The Master / Cam Controllers are provided with an easily removable cover having ample area for easy maintenance.

The cam shaft on which the cams are fitted is mounted in the housing on moulded bushes of synthetic material which are fixed to the front and rear walls by means of screws.

The cams which are fitted on the cam shaft are moulded from the highest quality synthetic material and are accurately cut to correspond to the switching sequence and number of steps required by the customer.

The controller is operated by means of a joystick handle which rotates the shaft on which the cams are fixed. These cams which are cut as per the sequence required open and close the fixed and moving contacts which in turn operate the required Contactors in the panel provided by the customer.

Contact body of Mill Duty Master Controller is made of high grade melamine which is capable of one auxiliary contact of two contact block (1 No. + 1 NC) operated through a spring loaded push button provided on joy stick handle.

The Master / Cam Controllers can be provided with spring return arrangement whereby handle returns to be neutral position when it is released.

The contacts have a maximum continuous Current capacity of 40 amps AC.

The contact tips are made of high grade Silver Cadmium Oxide alloy.

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